About Us

Our Philosophy

We are passionate about the Building Services Industry and what we do. The company was created based on the simple philosophy of providing quality, cost effective, tailored, Building Services Engineering Solutions, focused on service and combining big thinking with an attention to detail.

When a client embarks on an investment in the development of a new building facility, be it for delivery of a service, his own use or accommodation or if the facility is for investment; he is faced with a number of key decisions that are Building Services orientated. Elements of a building that will not only impact the capital investment costs, but will also impact revenue costs from on-going maintenance and year on year running costs.

The engineering resource at Stewart Associates understand this detail; developing designs and ideas that will make your building comfortable to occupy, easy to operate, cost effective to build and maintain, with a reduced impact on the environment by balancing some of the following: –

  • Environmental Impact
  • Operational requirements in relation to use and facilities
  • Attention to corporate image.
  • Quality of services.
  • Future flexibility.
  • Operational running and maintenance cost of facilities.
  • Capital investment and revenue costs.

In undertaking any project, we hold no preconceptions or standard solutions. Our aim is to establish a thorough understanding of our Clients business and aspirations, and with encouragement in the development of strong working ‘partnerships’, tailor solutions, giving the Client a keen sense of involvement.


The Company Structure has the management administered by the four Directors and the two Associate Directors, with staff arranged in working teams. All of the Directors are hands on. We have always recognised that looking after our people results in benefits for all. We have always cared deeply about using our engineering know-how to deliver more energy-efficient buildings.
Within the management and teams there is a wealth of expertise from working with an extensive range of prestigious clients in many sectors including, healthcare, public sector, local authority, education, commercial, finance, retail, leisure and heritage.

We find the team structure works well and Directors, Engineers, CAD draughtsmen and Administration Staff are focused and committed to providing an unparalleled personalised service; with the ability to identify and respond to our Clients priorities with flexibility, professionalism and resourcefulness.

Stewart Associates’ project and Client base has fostered relationships that culminate in numerous repeat commissions that allows us to plan and benefits our Client base with professionalism and continuity. This approach is reflected within our quality assurance system KPI responses.

We retain staff on projects from inception to completion, inclusive of the fee account Director. This provides continuity of project knowledge, essential in allowing us to provide a personal service, motivated to respond quickly to Client modifications, design development and day to day routine management.

Stewart Associates believes in focusing upon Clients’ needs and ideals, and project teams are selected on the merits of their capability and experience

Our role is to assist our Clients, by careful planning in balancing these demands, thus ensuring Client objectives and satisfaction, whilst developing services systems that integrate and compliment the building envelope.