Our Services


Stewart Associates design robust mechanical, electrical, vertical and horizontal personnel transportation systems for buildings. Our engineers are trained to integrate these disciplines through all stages of development, from concept design to project handover and post-occupancy evaluation. The results are reliable, practical, elegant engineering solutions.

All of our Clients benefit from our deep and practical understanding of engineering. We design buildings that are comfortable to use, efficient and easy to maintain. They are tailored to the client’s requirements and the architect’s creative intent. This approach calls for a rare combination of engineering and design skills.


It is impossible to ignore responsibility. Responsibility means incorporating both long and short term economic, environmental and social considerations within our decision making and day to day work, for the benefit of our designs, client satisfaction, as well as the world in which we operate. Whatever the situation we remain accountable, being generous and thinking of others, being prepared to think and act selflessly. The Company is fully cognisant to corporate, social and environmental responsibility in the demonstration of competence; however the essence of belief and deliverability has to be within the Company DNA. This is something we have always exercised, long before it was considered a necessary process and was some of the foundation stones upon which the Company was built.