Aston University MB7

Aston University MB7

The Aston University MB7 project arose from the University’s need to develop an agile working space. The University decided to develop a ‘prototype’ for future workplace transformation across the campus on the 7th floor of the Main Building with the objective of facilitating the delivery of key University services more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of its ‘customer’ base.

The desire was to create a modern, technology enabled workspace to support rapidly changing work patterns and new dynamic workstyles. Such changes were in progress prior to the Covid 19 pandemic and became accelerated following the need to embrace remote working.

Space that originally accommodated 100 people working 9 to 5 at fixed desks now supports 250 people self-selecting time spent working remotely and onsite when desired. The significant investment in remote access, interactive technologies and staff engagement has ensured the new workspace will facilitate dynamic ways of working, enabling collaborative working and productive outputs irrespective of participant location.


Value: £1.5m

Full Design

Main Contractor: Interclass PLC