We place sustainability at the forefront of our designs.

We are fully committed to producing designs that are efficient and environmentally friendly whilst optimising maintenance and operational costs.

We promote the use of natural ventilation and lighting solutions and have plenty of experience in building services systems that draw from renewable sources, air sources, ground sources, CHP, solar and wind. We’ve worked on BREEAM-assessed schemes and work to support the criteria of these assessments and we’ll work with you to help you meet any net-zero obligations.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our consultancy is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. We are actively seeking to reduce waste and pollution and work in more efficient ways and we are working with Go Climate Positive to achieve our goals.

Our Carbon Reduction Plan demonstrates our carbon emissions in our baseline year and how we will be working to reduce these before 2050.

Carbon Reduction Plan

Whilst we work on reducing our emissions, we have agreed to offset our current carbon emissions. This is important because it helps to support and speed up the achievement of global net zero emissions. Offsetting aims to invest in projects that save or remove carbon elsewhere to balance the emissions we generate whilst running our business.

We have planted 139 trees to offset our current carbon footprint.

Carbon Footprint Offsetting Certificate